2009 Worthersee Tour – WagenWerks

It’s nothing new! But all WagenWerks DVDs and films worth to be remembererd all the time. This teaser is from the 2009 Worthersee Tour. “Once again, we traveled overseas to capture some of the best elements from this year’s event in a completely different style than last year. Show footage, cruising footage, individual car featurette’s – it’s all here, and then some.” You can check out the teaser below.

Wagenwerks condensed hours and hours of footage, all shot by Steven Campbell, and hand-picked 70 minutes of the best for this film, while retaining that “uncut & unedited” feel. This film is a break away from our usual style: Unlike our usual releases, get a chance to study these cars with longer shots and less cuts.

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pinit fg en rect gray 20 2009 Worthersee Tour   WagenWerks

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