2016 VW Passat R-Line Vossen Forged Wheels

After seeing Volkswagen’s demo cars at various events throughout the past decade, I’ve grown familiar with the conservative, OEM+ styling that defines their usual approach—but 2016 was different. I think it’s safe to say that the last thing anyone expected to see at the European Experience last May was a slammed Passat R-Line on air suspension and bespoke Vossen Forged wheels tucked neatly away in Volkswagen’s show display, but there it was, attracting all the cameras and eventually making its way to the event’s Top 50 selection on the second day of the event!

Early in 2016 we united forces with Volkswagen of America to outfit two cars in their display with all-new Vossen Forged wheels. After discussing the initial ideas for the 2016 Passat R-Line we agreed that air suspension would be the best choice for the big-body sedan and with the help of a matte metallic blue wrap, would make the car an absolute show-stopper in the VW show display.

Accuair (@accuair) supplied the air suspension components and the finely-talented people at Boden Autohaus (@boden_autohaus) handled both the air suspension installation and lowering as well as the blue metallic wrap—extending throughout the door and trunk jams, making the car look as if it were fully resprayed!

A year and three sets of wheels later, the 2016 VW Passat R-Line is closing in on the end of its duties, but if you happen to reside in the South Florida region you can still catch it at Eurotripper this weekend!

pinit fg en rect gray 20 2016 VW Passat R Line Vossen Forged Wheels

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