Abt lime gti 8 628x356 400hp Golf R

400hp Golf R

According to Hollywood, the ancient Greeks didn’t need more than 300 Spartan foot soldiers to keep a mighty army at bay. If you want to come to fame at the Austrian Wörthersee event at Reifnitz from 13 – 16 May, you need a few more troops. And fast cavalry only, please. ABT Sportsline has therefore equipped the Golf R, presented at its joint booth with H&R, with 400 hp / 294 kW (production car: 300 hp / 221 kW).

The visual effects could indeed be Hollywood-made. The globally largest tuner of cars produced by the Volkswagen Group has given the aggressive Golf a bilious green car wrap, which has even left its mark on the 20’’ ABT-FR wheels and makes this compact rocket appear as if it came from a different planet. The high-quality ABT front grille, matching head light covers and side skirts and the tailgate add-on really come into their own here. Particularly impressive are the four mighty black-chrome-plated tailpipes of a diameter of 102mm.

Abt lime gti 7 628x419 400hp Golf R

And this brash Golf is not alone: ABT Sportsline has also brought the new Audi TT to the Wörthersee tuning event. The sports car is in really good shape and has been upgraded from 230 hp / 169 kW to a full 310 hp / 228 kW, with a maximum torque of 440 Nm (production car: 370 Nm). ABT springs and sway bars see to it that drivers do not have to worry about balance or agility. The dramatic body kit consists of a front skirt add-on, mirror caps, a rear spoiler and rear skirt set plus ABT muffler system.

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