ABT Passat 002 628x356 7 times more ABT POWER for the latest Passat

7 times more ABT POWER for the latest Passat

The Volkswagen Passat is a car for almost anybody. No wonder, then, that it comes with many different engines. ABT Sportsline, having enhanced this medium-sized car since its launch in 1973, takes account of this diversity: from now on seven different ABT POWER variants are available.

One will increase the highly efficient 1.4 TSI’s power from 150 hp (110 kW) to 180 hp or 132 kW and its torque from 250 to 290 Nm. The 1.9 TSI will now show 210 hp or 154 kW (production car: 180 hp/132 kW). Here, torque is also up, from 250 Nm to 310 Nm.

ABT Passat 012 7 times more ABT POWER for the latest Passat

With the turbocharged 2.0 engine, the most powerful one, the TSI is rated 336 hp (247 kW), up from 280 hp or 206 kW. But ABT also turns the 220 hp (162 kW) variant into a dynamic piece of engineering: 290 hp or 213 kW are quite something, with torque in both engines now at 420 Nm (production version: 350 Nm).

And the latest Passat is also successful with its 2l turbo diesel. The leading enhancer of cars produced by the Volkswagen Group has three upgrades available: the 150 hp (110 kW) version is now rated at 170 hp (125 kW) and 380 Nm (production car: 340 Nm), the 190 hp (140 kW) at 215 hp (158 kW) and a torque of 440 Nm (production car: 400 Nm). The most powerful 2.0 TDI version now shows 270 hp or 199 kW, up from 240 hp (176 kW). Its maximum torque is now an incredible 540 Nm (production version: 500 Nm). This ABT Passat doesn’t only attract fans, it also gets them wherever they may want to go.

ABT Passat 006 7 times more ABT POWER for the latest Passat

But whatever engine and ABT POWER variant you may choose, the perfectly designed body kit will always fit: front skirt add ons, front grille add ons, side skirt add ons, mirror covers, a rear spoiler and the rear skirt add ons incl. an exhaust system and tail trim on the right as well all make this Volkswagen appear even more assertive.

These components underscore the car’s racy touch, even more so in conjunction with
ABT springs and a CoG lowered by 35mm on the front axle and 30mm in the rear. The ABT sport-type anti-roll-bars also make for a better handling. And the ABT sport-type wheels go very well with the extra power and the assertive look – and with whatever wheel you choose: the CR, DR, ER or FR in 18’’ to 20’’ or the DR also in 21’’. Needless to say that the wheels also come complete with high-performance tyres.

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