ABD Racing Performance Intake Manifold for 1.8T

abd racing intake ABD Racing Performance Intake Manifold for 1.8T ABD Racing is proud to announce that is the first company to produce a high performance replacement intake manifold for your 1.8t Volkswagen. Manufactured from T6 aluminum cast and machined to perfection, this manifold has proven gains of 12 to 20+ horsepower increase with 14-22 ft.lbs of torque!

Depending on modifications, numbers can also improve. But already these are impressive numbers for an easy bolt on improvement.

This performance part is intended to use on off-road and race use only. It’s not legal for use on pollutin controlled vehicles. This intake manifold is suitable to Golf, Jetta, Audi TT 180hp and Bettle with some restrictions.

Compared to a stock manifold the runners are HUGE!, the plenum is also quite a bit larger.

abd inake and stock ABD Racing Performance Intake Manifold for 1.8T

ABD Racing has offered performance upgrades for VW and Audi vehicles for over 15 years. Its products for the 1.8T and 2.0T engines are designed to enhance the engines’ performance characteristics while maintaining factory reliability.

pinit fg en rect gray 20 ABD Racing Performance Intake Manifold for 1.8T

3 Responses to ABD Racing Performance Intake Manifold for 1.8T

  1. jason says:

    this will work fine or not on 2004 Passat awd 1.8t …. also what else should I do that’s best and in what order … its got 200k and a leaking rear tranny seal so motor was taken out today …going to do water pump etc ..and timing belt and figured might as well program it and add some stuff to it …not worried about ever smogging it again ..its a toy now … going to make cat free flow by removing all crap inside it …then going to run new pipe to the back …and going to look into good ecu upgrade … what else is good ? and price on intake you sale ???

  2. gavin says:

    Will this fit a seat leon cupra 2001 model

  3. Akilli guy says:

    The price one the seat Leon 1.8 intake manifold please ?

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