ABT Golf R 400 001 628x356 ABT Power gives Golf VII up to 400 hp

ABT Power gives Golf VII up to 400 hp

ABT Sportsline are leading the next trump: With 400 hp / 294 kW, one third up from its serial 300 hp / 221 kW, their Golf VII R commands amazing power. So let’s have a look at its cards: The ABT Power S kit is based upon the specially developed “New Generation”

ABT control unit, which guarantees maximum power and utmost dependability. This has been proven on the company’s own dynamometer and on public roads. “Even with this alluring power, the Golf can be driven with absolute precision and shows the potential of the platform”, says CEO Hans-Jürgen Abt: “Our new height adjustable suspension kit and stabilizer kit guarantee perfect handling – event at high speed.”

However, the ABT crew has some additional jokers to make playing even more fun: The tuned Golf VII R features high-quality attachment parts, which distinguish it from the serial version, e.g. a painted ABT front grille and the right head light covers. Mighty side skirts signal other sporty drivers that it will be hard to rival this car and that it is better to simply show a poker face and keep calm. The ABT tail gate add-on is also worth a closer look. But even more impressive are possibly the four mighty exhaust pipes of a diameter of 102mm. These are part of the ABT muffler system, which comes with a pre-silencer and sport catalyst and makes for a good uprating and sound.

And the ABT guys have some more aces up their sleeves as you can also choose from several great alloy wheels. Moreover, the brand-new FR, the ER-C, DR (on the photo car) and the CR are available in various finishes.

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