low ST VW Golf VII GTI 002 628x356 Additional performance for the Golf GTI: ST suspensions

Additional performance for the Golf GTI: ST suspensions

ST suspensions now offers XTA coilovers with top mounts and adjustable dampers for the new VW Golf 7 GTI and the previous VW Golf 6 GTI. The coilover kit for the MK7 GTI model allows lowering of 45 millimeters while the Golf 6 GTI can be lowered by 40 millimeters. All ST suspensions coilover kits come with German TÜV approval.

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The VW Golf celebrates its 40th anniversary this year, with the legendary GTI model two years behind. ST suspensions is proud to offer a range of suspension components for all GTI models including the VW Golf 6 GTI and VW Golf 7 GTI. ST XTA coilovers are engineered by KW and come complete with adjustable camber front top mounts and adjustable rebound damping. Individual lowering is possible within the TÜV-approved range. For the Golf MK7 GTI this is ten to 45 millimeters (mm) on the front axle and 20 to 45mm at the rear. The Golf MK6 GTI has a German TÜV lowering range of ten to 40mm on the front axle and 15 to 40mm on the rear. With the scaled camber adjustment GTI fans are able to increase front camber for a performance geometry setting. Individually adjustable rebound damping allows you to adjust ride quality for a more sporty or comfortable feel.

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Those who do not need adjustable top mounts but still wish to get the option of an adjustable damper setup, will find an alternative in the form of the ST XA coilover kit. Again, the dampers are engineered by KW and can be adjusted to suit your desired ride. The ST X coilover kit comes with fixed damping characteristics but, just like the rest of the ST coilover range allows a continuous lowering. Each ST suspensions coilover kits uses a low-friction, pressure-resistant housing and a chrome-plated piston rod. With a damper setup developed by KW, the ST coilovers provide the optimum handling and comfort. In addition to coilovers, ST suspensions also has lowering springs available for the VW Golf MK7 and MK6 GTI models. The ST sport springs work perfectly with the OEM VW adaptive suspension control (DCC) and allow a lowering of 20 or 30mm on both axles, without losing the electronic damping.

Cooperation with Ken Block and clear ST pricing system

ST suspensions and Ken Block are preparing a new project, and the Hoonigan Racing Division rally driver has much more planned together with ST. "ST offers excellent accessories and at the moment we are working on some very interesting projects", said Ken Block. The ST pricing system is simple, clear and transparent. The recommended retail price for ST suspensions products is divided into clear vehicle categories. So a ST spring kit, a ST sport suspension kit or a ST coilover kit in the respective vehicle category will be priced the same.

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