air lift kit 550x356 Air Ride Kit for VW Golf

Air Ride Kit for VW Golf

If you’re looking for the ultimate in ride control and want to put your car on the ground at shows but want the ability to lift it back up to drive home, then this Air Lift Ride kits could be the answer.

With the flip of a switch, you can raise your car to ride height, then when your parked, flip the switch again and your back on the pavement. The ride quality is also far superior to that of stock suspension due to the adjustability of air pressure and lower center of gravity.

Complete all-in-one kit comes with everything you need to install air ride on your car which allows you to be on the road quicker compared to other companies out there leaving it up you to piece your own system together.
Kit Includes:

• 2 Strut assemblies with double convoluted style bags to allow the car to sit lower
• Anodized end caps with corrosion resistant paint on the strut body
• All required hardware
• Detailed instructions

air ride kit Air Ride Kit for VW Golf

This kits are available at ECS Tuning for several VW models. The one on the article is for VW Golf IV.

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