APR R1 Diverter Valve

aprdivertervalve APR R1 Diverter Valve The APR R1 diverter valve was designed to be the ultimate solution to the problem of unreliable factory and aftermarket diverter valves and to be the leader in performance. Although most are of good design, factory diverter valves are built in a very conscious manner and the materials and overall life and reliability suffer. For the performance enthusiast, the diverter valve is an important component whose proper operation is paramount to optimal engine operation.

Enter the R1: APR’s R1 diverter valve addresses all of the reliability problems of the factory-supplied diverter valves and aftermarket replacements and takes performance to the next level. The R1 is a diaphragm-based valve. A diaphragm is the best option for a diverter valve for several reasons. First off, a diaphragm has negligible friction. Piston-based valves have considerable friction from the piston, o-ring, and bore assembly. The lower friction R1 diaphragm equates to faster response and better overall performance. Secondly, diaphragms do not require the periodic greasing that piston-based valves do. Piston-based valves must be qreased periodically (usually every year or sooner), requiring removing the valve from the car, disassembling and reassembling the valve. The APR R1 was designed to be maintenance free for the life of the product. Thirdly, a diaphragm based valve will never have a stuck piston. Piston-based valves periodically incur stuck pistons (especially if the required maintenance schedules are not followed.) Due to the lack of a piston, the APR R1 solves this problem.

The R1 is designed for optimal performance. The main body of the valve is investment cast in an aluminum alloy. By utilizing this casting process in lieu of a more conventional machining process, APR was able to optimize the internal geometry of the valve to provide the ultimate in flow performance. This geometry cannot be created utilizing conventional machining. As such, the APR R1 has much better flow characteristics than other diverter valves. Combined with the low friction diaphragm assembly, this equates to a valve that is truly a performance leader.

The materials used in the R1 are standard setting. The diaphragm is created out of high temperature material and incorporates a Nomex fabric reinforcement layer for enhanced durability and a diaphragm that will never tear. The alloy main body is finish machined at APR and receives a multilayer corrosion resistant and cosmetic enhancing finish. All machining and final assembly takes place at APR headquarters in the United States for optimal quality control and consistency.

Highlights of the APR R1 Diverter Valve Include:

Diaphragm-Based Valve
High-Temperature, Nomex-Reinforced Material for Extreme Durability
No Sticky O-Rings to Maintain and Grease
No Pistons to get Stuck
Consistent Performance Year Round
Flow-Optimized, Investment-Cast Main Housing
Stainless Steel Vacuum Fitting
Zero-Maintenance Design
Built with Finest Materials and Surface Treatments
Fully Machined and Assembled at APR Headquarters in the United States for Optimal Quality Control

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4 Responses to APR R1 Diverter Valve

  1. Tom H (UK) says:

    I have fitted the APR R1 diverter valve to my anniversary GTI MK4 1.8T (APR stage 1) and i think its improved the throttle response, holds boost alot better. My standard valve used to fail alot when i floored it in 1st then changed to 2nd. If you are wondering about the sound, it doesnt sound any different from the standard Bosch dv, i would even say it is a bit quieter, so if you are after a blow off sound, dont bother (it will make a blow off sound if you have a cone filter on, because it diverts the air back into the filter), if you after performance, i would recommend, easy to fit aswell!

  2. admin says:

    Thank you Tom for your feedback

  3. Jason S says:

    Tom I got the APR R1’s for my 2000 S4 because of the increased reliability, but am disappointed at the lack of “blow off” sound, is there any way to make them louder?

  4. JasonK. says:

    I would like to know is there any blow off valve that could fix into VW Golf Gti MK5 ? Would it be difficult to install it? Please reply me as soon as possible in my email. Thanks a lot!

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