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Armytrix Exhaust System for VW Golf 7

Armytrix claims that they are one of the best producers of high-end performance exhaust systems in the automotive aftermarket industry today. Their Armytrix Super Sport Stainless Steel Exhaust System is the perfect enhancement for your VW Golf MK7. The numbers Armytrix exhaust presents is an increase of 17.1 HP, +19.9 Nm Torque and a weight saving of 2.8kg.

This system will increase power, reduce weight, and improve sound. This precision-made performance system delivers more power, especially in the low and mid rev range, the effect on the sound is significant, adding a deep resonant sporty sound, but at the same time neutralizes the annoying frequencies in the most critical rpm range.

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Complete the look with a set of four sporty chrome polished silver tailpipes. Armytrix exhaust systems differ from other brand’s exhaust systems with their unique “Throttle Pedal Sensor and Engine RPM Signal Auto Functions”. Through this system Armytrix offers car owners a better launch-start without losing backpressure by automatically closing the valves at low rpm.

When your car is driving at high speeds, the valves will automatically open to increase air flow for better performance (hp & torque gained) and sound. Car owners can set their own timing for valves to automatically open and close by engine rpm and how deep they press the gas pedal.

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The Armytrix Super Sport Valvetronic Exhaust System it’s a new innovative system that brings your car to a different level. With the Armytrix you are not getting just an exhaust system, you are getting a driving system unlike any you have experienced before.

When car owners turn on the race mode (valves opened), the gas goes through the section of straight pipes. This is where you get the incredible race sound and performance gain. In full throttle and it’s straight pipe all the way, which means you will be expecting the LOUDEST sound performance you’ll ever hear!

Armytrix Exhaust details

Armytrix wireless valvetronic wiring is a plug-and-play system, no cutting, alteration or damage will be done to the factory settings. It’s made form Stainless Steel with dual Chrome Silver Tips and 3 Mode Valve System to control exhaust sound: Sound Level #1 – Valve Open Rev dB: 109.2 dB and Sound Level #2 – Valve Close Rev dB: 89.4 dB.

For more information please refer to Armytrix website.

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