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Awesome GTI Reveals Details Of AWE Tuning’s Push Button SwitchPath Remote Exhaust Control System

We feel fairly confident in stating that an aggressive sounding exhaust is one of the best aspects of modified VAG ownership, and it’s probably one of the few truly universal tuning aspects – from R8 owners to 6N2 Polo peddlers, everyone loves the crackle and burble of a sporting exhaust note! As most of you will no doubt know, many VW Group models now come with volume controlling exhaust valves fitted as standard, and these operate automatically to increase or decrease the volume of the system depending on how aggressively you’re driving. AWE’s SwitchPath remote effectively overrides the factory system, giving you complete control over the volume of your stock exhaust.

A simple concept beautifully executed, the AWE Tuning SwitchPath remote and accompanying control box is simplicity itself to operate, coming with a pair of buttons marked ‘On’ and Off.’ As you might expect, hitting the former with the remote installed will fully open the valves and increase the volume and depth of your exhaust note, while selecting the latter will reduce it to a more subtle, socially acceptable level.

switchpath controller 2 Awesome GTI Reveals Details Of AWE Tunings Push Button SwitchPath Remote Exhaust Control System

The SwitchPath means that you can have complete control over how the volume of your system, meaning you can potter about town without fear of causing a disturbance or open all the valves fully for a howling motorway blast, and all at the click of a button. It means no more feeling slightly sheepish about firing your car into life for an early morning commute, and the ability to fall in love with the sound of your Audi S3 8V, S6 C7/7.5, S7 C7/7.5 or VW Golf R Mk7 all over again by one simple action.

The AWE Tuning SwitchPath is a quality product, one that’s been extensively tested and backed up by one of the tweaked VW scene’s undoubted heavyweights. In practice this means that it works perfectly with the stock exhaust system, boasts a design that’s both compact and stylish – perfect for a keychain or cup holder, and is guaranteed to fit perfectly and without resulting in the dreaded ‘Check Engine’ light being flashed on. It’s also been designed with ease of installation in mind, with a set of clearly written and well laid out instructions allowing you to get up and running within hours.

The AWE Tuning SwitchPath remote ships with the following equipment:
– X2 remotes with wiring harness
– X2 mounting brackets
– X1 SwitchPath controller
– X1 AWE Tuning Valve Simulator
– X1 Easy to follow instructions

– Audi S3 8V
– Audi S6 C7 / C7.5
– Audi S7 C7 / C7.5
– Volkswagen Golf R Mk7

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