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B&B Automobiltechnik

Since founding the car tuning company over 20 years ago “B&B Car Technology” has placed itself among the globally most renowned VW and AUDI performance tuning firms through technological expertise and an unwavering commitment to excellence and innovation. B&B are the initials of the company founders and managing directors Siegfried Becker and Michael Bentler.

From the beginning it has been a matter of course that all B&B products, be it a body lowering, power enhancement or the full-fledged power tuning changeover, meet the strict and meticulous quality standards of the German TÜV, include TÜV certification and come with an extensive express warranty on materials, assembly, and consequential damages.

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B&B Automobiltechnik tuning

The primary guideline thereby with all B&B changeovers is securing a complete compatibility with daily driving conditions and achieving the highest possible engine and drive train stability. Innovative new and further developments as well as extraordinary car changeovers have produced an increasingly large number of satisfied customers at home and abroad and ensured the firm B&B a definitive membership in the circle of the most famous performance tuning companies in Europe. B&B’s VW & Audi sales partners at home and abroad also offer their products and services for a custom-fit, individual changeover and optimization.

From the VW Lupo to the AUDI A8, from TDI to W12 engines, everything technologically feasible and justifiable within the range of, ENGINE TECHNOLOGY, ELECTRONICS and SUSPENSION is made possible so as to practice tuning in its classic sense, that is refined reengineering of given structures.

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Numerous test reports in leading professional journals have further increased the excellent reputation the name B&B has established for itself when it comes to “quality before quantity” all over Germany and abroad. Preceding the sales launch of each and every newly developed product, B&B test vehicles are subjected to the rigorous testing of the German TÜV and handed over to the professional journals for direct comparison tests. Only after these extensive field tests and inspections regarding vehicle reliability are successfully accomplished, these tests often include testing under grueling conditions on the (in)famous German Nürburgring where 2,000 run km relate to approximately 30,000km street wear!

The B&B’s products can go onto sale. To continuously live up to these high self-imposed standards and to fully satisfy B&B customer’s needs in every manner and form for the long-run of the company’s goal.
This doesn’t only apply to raw engine power, but also refers to new technologies, especially exhaust levels, noise emission, vehicle stability, and complete compatibility with daily driving conditions. All of the power enhancements and changeovers include a warranty certificate as a confirmation of these claims.

B&B Automobiltechnik GmbH obtained another confirmation of our commitment to excellence a few years ago through the certification of the DEKRA-ITS Certification Services GmbH.

One of the most spectacular creations of the Siegen based tuner is the 300hp VW Lupo RS.

vw lupo rs B&B Automobiltechnik

VW Lupo RS

Water-cooled 4 cylinder in-line engine with 5-valve-technology
Double overhead camshaft
Multiple-point injection
Elektronic- map-controlled injection & ignition system
Regulated catalyst (clean-exhaust D3)
Specific turbocharger (modified & reinforced) in conjunction with a changed exhaust manifold
2 high-power intercoolers
B&B specific cylinder head
Optimized induction air-flow
B&B sport exhaust system
Recalibrated electronics, etc.
7,5″x16 Wheels with 215/35-ZR16 tires
Porsche 304mm sport brake system on the front axle
Modified AUDI TTS Quattro-brake system on the rear axle
Specific race suspension with stabilizers
Recaro sport seats
Race steering wheel with airbag
and much more…

More information about B&B on their website: B&B Automobiltechnik

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