MR Car Design Volkswagen Beetle 2 628x356 BEETLE in RETRO DESIGN from MR CAR DESIGN


Concerning tuning and ennobling of sports cars or luxury limousines – MR Car Design from Erftstadt, Germany, is an exclusive and well known contact point. Consultations, all-round service quality and more than ten years of experience – all this is its key to success. Nevertheless, if software optimization, car body ennobling, exhaust systems or even wheel-tire-combinations or braking systems – everything comes oriented on customer’s satisfaction from one source. In this regard, the REIL PERFORMANCE LINE is also worth a special attention as individual product line of MR Car Design, which concerns also REIL CLASSIC as all-round service for classic and modern cars.

MR Car Design Volkswagen Beetle 4 628x392 BEETLE in RETRO DESIGN from MR CAR DESIGN

But here, also pretended normal vehicles tend new honor – at request with optimization of the „inner values“ at the same time. After the New Beetle, VW Beetle is also the second temptation of Volkswagen to tie on the success of the legendary Beetle producing cars in retro-design. The here presented Beetle, for instance, has been equipped by MR Car Design by a fully electronic G-Ride air suspension. This air suspension on front and rear axle is sportively trimmed, whereby the height in front or rear is adjustable either by remote control or fully automatically. The installed wheel-tire-combination in 8×19” with 225/35-19 tires is, indeed, the original wheel set, but however, the tire set has been modified as mentioned above.

MR Car Design Volkswagen Beetle 5 628x392 BEETLE in RETRO DESIGN from MR CAR DESIGN

For the Beetle – available since 2011 – MR Car Design offers carefully balanced special kind tuning opportunities: 2.0 TDI chip tuning software with up to 210 PS (= 154 kW) and 420 Nm of torque, beginning at the cat exhaust systems, G-Ride air suspension and coilovers, but also sport rims and foil wrapping for each and every taste. There are used only high quality parts, the constituents of which have been put to the aces test before mounting, of course. Depending on the car exploitation, the manufacturer of the installed at MR Car Design exhaust systems warrants for five to ten years. For the software optimization, the manufacturer warrants even for lifetime.

MR Car Design Volkswagen Beetle 3 628x392 BEETLE in RETRO DESIGN from MR CAR DESIGN

pinit fg en rect gray 20 BEETLE in RETRO DESIGN from MR CAR DESIGN

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