BILSTEIN iRC On Golf 7 BILSTEIN B16 Ridecontrol ‘iRC’ I phone App

BILSTEIN B16 Ridecontrol ‘iRC’ I-phone App

Launched at the recent Essen Motorshow, the well-proven BILSTEIN B16 ridecontrol® system has just received an innovative upgrade in the form of a convenient iPhone-App.

The switchable suspension system, which offers three pre-set suspension modes, can now be switched in an instant after the simple downloading of the BILSTEIN software from the App Store. Once loaded, precision adjustment of the Comfort, Normal and Sport modes can be achieved by varying the acceleration thresholds, switching times and filter parameters to create an absolutely bespoke suspension set-up. It’s like having a race-engineer in your phone!

Each of the basic settings was achieved after extensive test driving at BILSTEIN’s Papenburg test facility in Germany, along with exhaustive benchmarking on the Nordschleife. As well as allowing remote switching between modes, the BILSTEIN software also presents a graphical representation of both longitudinal and transverse acceleration forces on the iPhone, as well as saving of all adjustment parameters. Even illuminating the control button can be done remotely!

BILSTEIN iRC iPhone Display 406x600 BILSTEIN B16 Ridecontrol ‘iRC’ I phone App

Adjustment can be made ‘on the fly’ at any speed. The self-explanatory ‘Normal’ mode apes all factory damper settings, ‘Comfort’ softens everything off for a superbly cosseting ride whereas ‘Sport’ draws on BILSTEIN’s enviable competition experience to deliver sharply focused vehicle dynamics with peerless handling and enhanced driver feedback. Perfect for driving at the absolute limit!

The app itself is very clear and simple to use, making initial set-up and subsequent adjustments the work of mere seconds. The price of the system has yet to be confirmed, but will be in line with the rest of the BILSTEIN range. Fitments will be rolled out in the first quarter of 2013.

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