vw up 628x356 The BILSTEIN driving experience for VW up!

The BILSTEIN driving experience for VW up!

The trio of VW up!, Škoda Citigo and SEAT Mii is perfect for the urban jungle, but these cars can also be a lot of fun on winding country roads. One important reason is the short wheelbase which offers maximum agility – but the condition and quality of the chassis and shock absorbers also play a crucial role. BILSTEIN therefore offers an extensive portfolio of standard replacement and performance products for the nippy triumvirate.

The BILSTEIN B4 gas-pressure shock absorber provides maximum safety through high performance reserves, constant damping under any load as well as high traction and precise handling. As an ”improved replacement for standard parts”, the BILSTEIN B6 offers optimum performance and comfort through even more damping. Anyone considering lowering the suspension with sports springs should also place their trust in the shortened high performance shock absorber BILSTEIN B8. It provides the up!, Citigo or Mii with a great deal of additional dynamic performance.

As a perfect hassle-free package for sporty drivers, BILSTEIN offers the B12 complete suspension system which was tuned during driving tests in cooperation with spring manufacturer, Eibach. If you are looking for variable height adjustment, the BILSTEIN B14 coilover suspension kit is the right choice. Based on motorsport technology it is particularly flexible thanks to an adjustment range of up to 20 millimetres, making it suitable for approval.

Article number: 22-222046 VA, RRP: 89.00 euros excl. VAT
Article number: 19-222073 HA, RRP: 59.00 euros excl. VAT

Article number: 22-222084, VA, RRP: 120.00 euros excl. VAT
Article number: 24-222099 HA, RRP: 76.00 euros excl. VAT

Article number: 22-222107 VA, RRP: 125.00 euros excl. VAT
Article number: 24-222112 HA, RRP: 81.00 euros excl. VAT

Article number: 46-259516, RRP: 529.00 euros excl. VAT

Article number: 47-238046, RRP: 599.00 euros excl. VAT

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