rothe vw golf 628x356 BILSTEIN launches CSC Clubsport Coilover For VW Golf Mk6

BILSTEIN launches CSC Clubsport Coilover For VW Golf Mk6

BILSTEIN has released the latest version of its versatile and competitive CSC Clubsport suspension unit – and this time it’s the tuner’s favourite platform – the Mk6 Golf – that is the lucky recipient.

This stunningly engineered suspension solution has been designed for both road and racing use and offers an unparalleled balance between track performance and road usability. Both bump and rebound settings can be finely adjusted by race-quality thumbwheels, distinctly, quickly and precisely with no need for specialist tools.

The BILSTEIN CSC Clubsport coilover suspension incorporates high-grade, OEM and racing quality components and can lower the front and rear of the vehicle between 30 and 55 mm, to suit track conditions or personal preferences. The thumbwheels offer ten levels of rapid and precise bump and rebound, with positive detents to allow the user to ‘feel’ each stage of adjustment. BILSTEIN took the active decision to make these units with an internal reservoir design in order to further reduce the weight of the unit, as well as increasing under-arch clearance for aftermarket wheel and tyre combinations.

Don’t be fooled by the full TÜV approval however, this is a true race-ready kit which can be used in the heat of competition, as was proved by the many privateer teams running it with great success at The ‘Ring 24h event. For those spending more time on track than on Her Majesty’s Highway, BILSTEIN Motorsport can also optimise the damper and spring characteristics to make the recipient vehicle podium-ready.

The outstanding performance of the BILSTEIN Clubsport suspension system stems from the intensive trials carried out during the development cycle on both the Nordschleife and from endurance tests performed at the Papenburg Test Centre.

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