bilstein vw cup 628x356 BILSTEIN to sponsor 2016 Classic VW Cup

BILSTEIN to sponsor 2016 Classic VW Cup

BILSTEIN, one of the world’s leading suppliers of competition, fast road and OE replacement suspension kits, has just announced that it will be headline sponsor of the 2016 Classic VW Cup. The world famous suspension manufacturer will lend its name and full support to the series in a move that complements the huge variety of uprated chassis components carried by BILSTEIN, many of which will be used by the cars competing in the cup itself. The Classic VW Cup prides itself on its ability to regularly provide close, action packed racing throughout the course of a season, all while keeping competition costs low, entry lists high, and with a warm and welcoming atmosphere guaranteed. BILSTEIN’S support goes a long way toward proving the calibre of the racing involved, and how seriously the German suspension gurus continue to take their motorsport involvement.

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Britain has long been home to an impressively vibrant and varied club motorsport scene, and nowhere is this ethos better embodied than in the BILSTEIN Classic VW Cup, one of the most popular sub-series in the Classic Touring Car Championship. The series is based around a number of clearly defined and easily adhered rules designed to promote close racing up and down the grid, and this most obviously manifested in its system of classes; Super Modified (for modified and turbocharged cars with engines up to 3200cc), Class A (modified cars with 1800cc turbocharged engines or naturally aspirated cars with 3200cc engines), Class B (less modified, road-going race cars) and Class X, the invitation or ‘guest’ class. Such a well defined class structure has resulted in top quality touring car racing; close, hard fought but overwhelmingly fair, the essence of clubman competition in other words.

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A huge variety of VAGroup cars are permitted to enter and all can be competitive under the previously mentioned class system, so it isn’t uncommon to see high-revving Mk2 Golf GTi’s snapping at the heels of turbocharged 1.8 Seat Leons. All cars competing must run a series of control components that serve to equalise key performance parameters such as brakes, suspension and induction. Not only does this result in reliably close racing, it drives down the costs of competing over the course of a full season and prevents more wealthy entrants from ‘spending their way to victory.’

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The BILSTEIN Classic VW Cup role at the forefront of UK club motorsport is no doubt helped by the excellent roster of circuits it visits over the course of a season. Indeed, the calendar reads a little like greatest hits list of British motorsport venues, with iconic tracks like Cadwell Park, Donnington Park, Brands Hatch, Snetterton and Silverstone all featuring prominently. This variety also allows for differing team performance from race weekend to race weekend, as there’s no guaranteeing that the Golf Mk3 that was so well suited to the twisting undulations of Brands Hatch will be as at home on the unforgiving, flat-out blasts that characterise airfield tracks like Silverstone and Snetterton.

All of the above should go a long way toward explaining why the company is such a good fit for the BILSTEIN Classic VW Cup. The German firm has been firmly associated with the great and the good of the motorsport world for decades, and few automotive logos carry as much weight as BILSTEIN’S unassuming blue and yellow rectangle. Bilstein will fill the role of chief sponsor for the series throughout the season, providing expert advice on damper rates, bump and rebound settings and other essential handling and chassis information. All involved with the organisation and running of the Bilstein Classic VW Cup would like to express their delight at having BILSTEIN on board, and all look forward to a fruitful partnership.

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