Bilstein golf 4 628x356 BILSTEIN VW Golf Mk4 B4 Dampers

BILSTEIN VW Golf Mk4 B4 Dampers

As one of the truly versatile hatchbacks the Mk4 VW Golf still makes a dependable daily driver, making it a popular choice on the used market. For owners looking to endow their cars with more than a little ‘B’ road prowess, or restore a cherished car back to ‘better than new’ condition, the BILSTEIN B4 front dampers provide the perfect solution.

Using the very latest in production technology and twin-tube construction, each unit is hand-finished in BILSTEIN’s German factory to surpass even the most stringent of OEM production standards. For those looking to keep things close to a state of OEM perfection, the B4 units, in their smart ‘factory black’ finish fit the bill perfectly. Engineered for all-round use, with factory damping rates, these are the ideal units for a cherished or daily driven Golf. The BILSTEIN B4 dampers work perfectly with either a sound set of OEM springs, or indeed, any quality uprated aftermarket alternatives. So, if your VW regularly enjoys a brisk drive to work, then these represent the ideal solution! The twin-tube BILSTEIN dampers in these kits draw heavily from the firm’s motorsport heritage and are manufactured to BILSTEIN’s exacting OEM standards.

Offering significantly greater service life than the standard part, the BILSTEIN dampers also increase active safety through more efficient braking, better traction and improved handling.

pinit fg en rect gray 20 BILSTEIN VW Golf Mk4 B4 Dampers

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