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Biodiesel Debate Forum

Second-generation biofuels use biomass to liquid technology, including cellulosic biofuels from non food crops. For quite some time now, Volkswagen has been supporting the socially, ecologically and economically-compatible cultivation of organic resources for the production of second-generation biofuel.

This could be achieved by taxation on biofuels oriented to both CO2 efficiency (primary criteria) and sustainability criteria such as the use of fertilizers or pesticides, the protection of rainforests, social standards and employment potential.

Compared with the first generation, these second-generation biofuels can in fact as much as triple hectare yields, they do not compete with food production and they help to reduce greenhouse gases by approx. 90%.

BioFuel forum is a new community where members can exchange ideas, and help around biofuel and other related subjects. These alternative fuels like bioethanol, biodiesel, bio oil, BioHydrogen, Biomethanol are all very present on this forum threads.

You can also learn how to make your own biofuel. BioFuel Debate forum also delivers accurate knowledge on all aspects of biofuels and the latest news examples and innovation in biofuels and other sources of sustainable, environmentally friendly energy.

BioFuel Debate forum is currently seeking new members to improve the community and would love to host specific forums for biofuel related groups, researchers, educators, clubs, events or schools. If you would like BioFuel and other alternative fuels or you want to know more about these subjects, please join the forum.

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