Bosio Race 520 Stage 2 nozzles

race 520 stage2 nozzles tdi Bosio Race 520 Stage 2 nozzles KermaTDI is known for selling Fratelli Bosio nozzles. Besides selling Bosio Race 520 nozzles, KermaTDI now has available the Bosio Race 520 Stage 2 nozzles. This set of nozzles is only available to customers running KermaTDI turbos and other tuning products from KermaTDI.

If you are serious about TDI tuning, and you have a 90hp or 110hp TDI, then KermaTDI nozzles is an upgrade you should consider.
Larger injectors are unique among the major power adders in that they inject a larger amount of fuel within the same amount of crankshaft rotation, and thus, for a given power delivery, they keep smoke and exhaust temperature to the minimum while also avoiding the increase in peak cylinder pressure caused by over-advanced start-of-injection timing. Power gain will range from mild to wild depending on how big you go, KermaTDI Race 520 stage 2 nozzles should be the best nozzles you can have on your TDI (also depends on engine). KERMaTdi and Fratelli Bosio offer a great upgrading or rebuilding alternative for us car nuts who want to enhance our “economy” cars.

To buy Race 520 Stage 2 nozzles go to KermaTDI

KermaTDI is the exclusive importer and distributor of Bosio nozzles for the USA. They are one of the most popular TDI mods as they are the highest quality performance diesel nozzles. They manufacture stock replacement and custom hybrid turbos, intake and exhaust manifols.

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pinit fg en rect gray 20 Bosio Race 520 Stage 2 nozzles

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