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BSR Scirocco tuning

BSR launches the PPC3 tuning kit for VW Scirocco 1.4TSI 122 Hp, 2.0TDI 140 Hp and 2.0TDI 170 Hp. The tuning kit offers a power increase in the 1.4TSI to 150 Hp while torque is increased to 275 Nm. For 2.0TDI 140/170 Hp, the power is increased to 191 Hp and torque is increased to 431 Nm.

BSR is a Swedish high-tech company. BSR offers professional tuning services using the tuning technology PPC® Tuning system developed by BSR.

The tuning with the new PPC 3 is performed via the diagnostic connector under the steering wheel and takes only a couple of minutes. You don´t even have to lift the hood, and you can get away from mounting extra boxes and flexes in the engine house, soldered chips and breaking up ECUs. As simple as advanced!

With PPC 3 you can tune your car without even lifting the hood. Plug the PPC 3 cable into the car’s diagnostic outlet and push the button. In just a few minutes the car is tuned. Just as quickly you can reinstall the original settings.

The new PPC 3 is thoroughly worked out with a color screen and a slim appearance. The user interface is improved with menus that are pedagogic and also supporting di erent languages. During the programming you will see explaining text messages to make the handling easy. There is also a progress bar counting both time and percentage to show how the programming is proceeding.

The hardware of the new PPC 3 is more powerful, providing a possibility for faster communication with many car models. Data transfer between PPC 3 and BSR’s server via the Internet is now faster, and is handled by the new program PPC Sync 3. With this program you can download the latest tuning software for your car, which is very useful if you, for example, take the car in for service and the workshop updates your stock software.

PPC Tuning System® is available for cars with either petrol, ethanol or diesel engines. Make your order from your dealer or directly via our website.

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