carbon mk7 mirrors 628x356 Carbon fiber mirrors for VW Golf 7

Carbon fiber mirrors for VW Golf 7

The German aftermarket has seen its share of trends over the years, and as of late it seems that there has been a shift towards OEM-inspired touches for a vehicle’s interior and exterior. Starting with more extreme yet still subtle changes like completely reupholstered Audi and Porsche interiors and trickling down to the Volkswagen scene, these bits are quickly becoming widespread at enthusiast events, which in our opinion isn’t a bad thing.

German firm is a pretty big player in this niche, often gaining praise from sites such as our Audi-counterpart Fourtitude for their line of Carbon Fiber enhancements and re-upholstered interiors has begun to turn their attention to Volkswagens. With the release of their Carbon Fiber Mirrors for the seventh generation Volkswagen Golf GTI and Golf R PRETOS enters the Volkswagen market for the first time, and we hope to see much more from them in the future.

For those looking to see more from, check out their Website and Facebook page and inquiries for pricing and availability should contact

Source: Vwvortex

pinit fg en rect gray 20 Carbon fiber mirrors for VW Golf 7

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