Cargraphic Golf V1 628x356 Cargraphic at Tuning World Bodensee

Cargraphic at Tuning World Bodensee

The German company Cargraphic presented its product range at one of the most important exhibitions of the year for Car customisers, the Tuning World Bodensee. Primarily known for their dream cars, the tuners presented themselves particularly down-to-earth in Friedrichshafen: On their perfectly arranged stand, two everyday heroes were on display beside the Aston Martin V8 Vantage – an AUDI A4 and a VW Golf.

Thanks to its newly designed high-grade steel exhaust system, the V8 Vantage generated 362 kW / 466 PS and symbolises, in combination with its tight-fitting aerodynamics-package and three-part type GT-R alloy rims, the high requirements and exclusiveness of the Cargraphic refinement. But even cars for all and sundry allow purposeful upgrades, as with the A4, which was made clear by this well-established enterprise of the tuning scene: the engineers achieved from the basic engine with its 88 kW / 120 HP a respectable 151 kW / 205 HP. And the Golf V 1.4 TSI also generated a good 127 kW / 173 HP. A special performance software was responsible for that, which was developed together with Kubatech. An eyecatcher on both vehicles is the one-piece rim IS-ONE which, like all Cargraphic wheels, comes out of their own production and offers the “made in Germany” quality seal.

Tuning World Bodensee proved once again that Cargraphic knows how to play the whole range of vehicle refinement – and in the process ensures that the focus stays on the respectability and quality of their products. Cooperation partner FOLIATEC®.com had another tuned “dream” vehicle displayed on their stand. The Cargraphic 997 DFI Cabrio with its sensational skull skin street style foil.

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