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performance parts and accessories for Volkswagen

Samco 5 piece Silicone Intercooler Hose kits are available for sometime for the ever-popular 1.8T in a variety of different colors. The Samco Sport hose kits are designed to replace original equipment in a wide range of performance vehicles, both in motorsport and fast road use....

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24h rennen high One two finish for VW Scirocco and Eibach

One-two finish for VW Scirocco and Eibach

May 28, 2008 | 0 Comments

At the very start of its career, the new Scirocco made an immaculate debut in the legendary 24-hour race that took place from 24th to 25th May at the Nürburgring: truly one of the most gruelling races in the world for both man and machine....

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buyit Buy VW Tuning parts online

Buy VW Tuning parts online

May 22, 2008 | 1 Comments

eBay Motors is currently one of the most popular online destinations for buyers and seller of automotives, parts and accessories. eBay Motors also goes beyond cars and trucks auctions: The complete category list includes motorcycles, powersports, boats and other vehicles such as buses, commercial trucks and even aircrafts. eBay Motors is truly the best one-stop...

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Built With High Strength 9310 Alloy Steel, Exclusively Made, High Strength Fasteners By ARP®, Enhanced No-Load Bias Ratio, Interchangeable Friction Plates, Limited LIFETIME Warranty and Designed & Manufactured in the USA. These are some of the features of the new Wavetrac® Limited Slip Differential from Autotech...

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ABD Racing is proud to announce that is the first company to produce a high performance replacement intake manifold for your 1.8t Volkswagen. Manufactured from T6 aluminum cast and machined to perfection, this manifold has proven gains of 12 to 20+ horsepower increase with 14-22 ft.lbs of torque!...

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In addition to the various intercooler upgrades that Allard Motor Company produces for the VAG range, Allard now offer an upgraded pipe work option for all 150PD based cars. The original intercooler on the 150PD model is larger in size than the smaller output models and can handle initial tuning upgrades (re-map, air filter etc)...

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abt br wheel The special edition of the BR wheel

The special edition of the BR wheel

May 4, 2008 | 0 Comments

Exceptionally elegant. Exceptionally dynamic. – The special edition of the BR wheel by ABT Sportsline. For more than six months already, it has wanted to be on the road and to be driven in order to show its potential. The ABT BR wheel....

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race 520 stage2 nozzles tdi 550x356 Bosio Race 520 Stage 2 nozzles

Bosio Race 520 Stage 2 nozzles

April 27, 2008 | 2 Comments

KermaTDI is known for selling Fratelli Bosio nozzles. Besides selling Bosio Race 520 nozzles, KermaTDI now has available the Bosio Race 520 Stage 2 nozzles. This set of nozzles is only available to customers running KermaTDI turbos and other tuning products from KermaTDI....

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mk418tk04dp 550x356 42 Draft Designs mk4 Downpipes

42 Draft Designs mk4 Downpipes

April 24, 2008 | 1 Comments

42 Draft Designs offers many other products specifically designed for your Volkswagen or Audi. Their manufacturing capabilities include plastic injection molding, thermoforming, CNC machining, fabrication, and electronics design. One of their new products is the mk4 1.8T K04 3″ Downpipes!...

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brembo gran turismo big brake kit Brembo Gran Turismo Big Brake Kit

Brembo Gran Turismo Big Brake Kit

April 21, 2008 | 0 Comments

The Brembo Gran Turismo High Performance Braking System offers significant advantages over the OE manufacturer’s system — advantages far beyond what’s simply known as “big brakes”. As the braking system’s primary function is to dissipate heat, larger, more sophisticated discs are used in order to increase the fade resistance of the system....

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