Cobra Spring Kit With Box Cobra Launch New VW Scirocco Suspension Upgrades

Cobra Launch New VW Scirocco Suspension Upgrades

Leading Dutch suspension manufacturer Cobra has launched a new range of springs to improve VW’s couth coupe, the new Scirocco.

Since the re-introduction of this iconic model, VW have managed to re-invent themselves once again as purveyors of involving and entertaining Sports Coupes. The Cobra kit builds on the virtues of the already excellent chassis to create a truly brilliant all-rounder that enjoys vastly improved handling, without suffering from a harsh ride.

Fitments are available to cover all engine variants, including the new 1.4 TFSi and the diesel variants. Drops differ, depending on the model, but range between 25mm for the 1.4 petrol, down to 20mm for the 2.0 TFSi version.

Handling is dramatically improved thanks to the lower centre of gravity, and thanks to a careful choice of spring rate, ride quality is hardly affected. In addition, the Cobra springs are pre-fatigued and heat treated, before being powder-coated to protect them against the elements. This attention to detail is backed by Cobra’s class leading 5 year warranty and full TUV approval.

Prices start at just £130.16 + VAT for the full kit. For more details please visit or call Cobra on 01530 517920.

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