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Cobra VW T5 Van

BLACK & CHROME: that is the theme under which accessory specialist Cobra Technology & Lifestyle now presents an exclusive special model concept for all body styles of the VW T5 van. The packages comprise various refinement levels and are available to dealers looking to upgrade their portfolio with an appealing special model as well as to all owners of a T5 van. Individual components such as the stainless-steel brush guards, the chrome-design decals and custom-tailored 20-inch wheels are also available. The all-inclusive package covers the vehicle from front to back, in other words, from the Cobra Cityguard® stainless-steel front element with integrated LED daytime running lights to the wheels and the tubular guard for the rear bumper.

The BLACK & CHROME design, which looks particularly spectacular on a black VW T5 van but also meshes well with all other colors, lends the van an even more striking nose.

The Cobra Cityguard® stainless-steel brush guard attaches to the underside of the front bumper. LED daytime running lights integrated into this accessory make the Multivan stand out even more and make it easier to spot in traffic – contributing to increased safety. As an effective addition the Cobra Technology & Lifestyle designers have developed a stainless-steel grille for the air duct in the front fascia.

The BLACK & CHROME concept also adds striking highlights to the sides of the T5 van. The chrome-film decals, also available without Cobra Technology & Lifestyle label, is part of the visual upgrade as are stainless-steel rocker panel guards with integrated steps that facilitate getting in and out of the vehicle. These components are also available with LED entrance lights, which are activated via the keyless fob or by pulling on a door handle for safer entering and exiting of the vehicle in the dark. The chrome-design mirror caps literally round out a truly shiny appearance.

The Cobra Technology & Lifestyle roof rails made from high-gloss stainless-steel are available as custom sets for all vehicles with short or long wheelbase and with or without drip rails. Custom cross members can expand this accessory into a complete luggage carrier system.

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The rear appearance of the T5 sporting the Cobra BLACK & CHROME design can be further upgraded with a chrome strip for the liftgate and the Cobra Technology & Lifestyle stainless-steel rear guard.

A custom molding can protect the upper edge of the rear bumper against scratches that can happen easily during loading or unloading the trunk.

To give the rear more visual pizzazz and to optimize the vehicle’s aerodynamic properties customers can choose from the Cobra Technology & Lifestyle roof spoiler and the rear spoiler, which attaches to the liftgate.

In keeping with the BLACK & CHROME philosophy Cobra Technology & Lifestyle also equips the VW van with Cobra TORINO 9Jx20 black wheels with stainless-steel applications. The largest tires that can be mounted on the rear axle come in size 275/35 R 20. Cobra Technology & Lifestyle sport springs lower the ride height of the T5 by some 30 millimeters and are calibrated for use with these low-profile tires.

The van’s interior can be upgraded with stainless-steel scuff plates with backlit Cobra Technology & Lifestyle logo.

All Cobra Technology & Lifestyle BLACK & CHROME components are backed by a 24-month warranty with unlimited miles.

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