admissão BMC CRF Golf R 628x356 CRF – Carbon Racing Filters for the VW Golf R

CRF – Carbon Racing Filters for the VW Golf R

The “C.R.F.” Carbon Racing Filter is BMC’s new high performance sports air filter designed for road and competition vehicles. It features a 100% carbon fiber support structure with a cotton filter element.

The CRF has been designed and produced entirely by the BMC Racing and Advanced Composite Division, which is wholly concerned with the development of air filters and aspiration systems for the racing world: Formula 1 / MotoGP One / World Superbike.

The CRF has been created from extensive BMC knowledge acquired through more than 10 years experience in the racing sector, which has brought high level results and increased performance to super-sports engines.

crf644 08 small 628x418 CRF – Carbon Racing Filters for the VW Golf R

The Latest product from the CRF brand is the CRF644/01, designed for the Volkswagen Golf R MK6 is available. This kit is also available for: Audi A3, Audi S3, Audi TT, VW Scirocco R, VW Golf V.

crf intake bmc CRF – Carbon Racing Filters for the VW Golf R

Here are some of the characteristics of the CRF:

• The CRF air filter makes use of innovative technical solutions to optimize the flow dynamics of the direct air into the engine. The geometry of the CRF has been devised with the objective of using the entire available volume of the standard air-box thanks to an extended filtration surface. The result is better air flow passage in the intake phase thereby maintaining constant air-box pressure.

• The structure of the CRF is made of carbon fibre which interfaces directly with the original air-box, providing a perfect seal and easy mounting. The structure is manufactured with pre-impregnated carbon materials which are cured in an autoclave. Thanks to this the CRF air filter presents a much reduced total weight whilst having excellent characteristics in terms of rigidity and mechanical resistance.

• The filtering element is made of a special multi-layer filtration material in RACE configuration which is impregnated with low viscosity oil held between epoxy-coated (to prevent oxidation) aluminium mesh. This enables increased permeability and low air flow resistance guaranteeing highly efficient filtration.

• The CRF filter was conceived with the objective of withstanding the vibrations and heat produced in movement both in normal road and intensive track use.

• The CRF filter, as are all BMC filters, can be regenerated and reused. Once the saturation level has been reached the filter can be regenerated through a process of washing and re-oiling using a special BMC kit.

• The CRF air filter is a patented product with a deposited industrial model.

• The CRF filter was created for those who require maximum return and performance from their motorbike. It is the definitive filter for those who look for: 1) enhanced quality;2) technical development derived directly from the world of racing.

pinit fg en rect gray 20 CRF – Carbon Racing Filters for the VW Golf R

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