DOTZ MODULAR Amarok 1 628x356 Dotz Survival Modular for the VW Amarok

Dotz Survival Modular for the VW Amarok

Dotz Survival is the ALCAR HOLDING’s exclusive Brand for real off-road fans. In the portfolio the customer will also find both robust and attractive steel wheels like the new Modular for the VW pick-up Amarok.

In Inuit mythology, the word “Amaruq” means “giant wolf”. The perfect name for the Volkswagen pick-up, since the VW Amarok dominates the road like a mighty hunter, and its origins in Wolfsburg figuratively make it the giant among the wolves. Of course, this status has to be emphasised with the right rims. This is why Dotz Survival now offers the steel wheel Modular with the dimensions 7×16 inches, specially designed for heavy use – exclusively for the Amarok.

DOTZ MODULAR Amarok 2 628x418 Dotz Survival Modular for the VW Amarok>

The premium off-road steel wheel is the perfect match for the pick-up. The ten oval holes that make the rims look at least a size larger are their most striking feature. The smooth surfaces between the centre and the flange underline the rim’s sturdy look, but also have a practical effect: they make it dead easy to remove mud, dirt or salt crusts from the Dotz Survival Modular. Nevertheless, the simple, modern look entirely lives up to the premium standards of the Amarok in its class.

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