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DSG Paddle Shift Replacement Kit For VW Golf R

VW’s DSG transmissions have been an unqualified success story, with countless millions of so equipped cars rolling off the VAGroup’s myriad production lines over the last few years. Racingline understands that details really do make a massive difference, and nowhere is this more the case than with the controls of the car – the instruments you physically use to handle driving inputs. With this in mind, Racingline’s latest offering is a beautifully engineered DSG paddle shift replacement kit, one designed to fit the Golf Mk7 in GTI, R and 1.8TSI variants.

While there’s nothing technically wrong with the standard controls VW opted to fit, it’s hard to deny that Racingline’s offering, one realised in high grade, CNC-machined billet aluminium, isn’t a far better looking and functioning product. Cool and purposeful to the touch, the all new paddles also sport a subtlety revised design, one intended to make cog-swapping a more involving process. The re-design has seen the Racingline paddles grow in size above and below the steering wheel spokes. It’s a small change, true, yet one that’s been shown to have a profound impact on gear selection, making the process simpler and swifter, especially in tight turns when your hands are fully occupied steering.

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Of course it’s also true that there are a number of other replacement paddle kits already on the market, yet none can claim to be as complete or as well engineered an offering as Racingline’s. For starters there’s the quality of aluminium used – it really is a joy to behold and touch. It’s also a marked contrast to the ‘stick on’, double-sided adhesive tape utilised by offerings from lesser rivals, something that simply can’t hope to match the feeling or long term rigidity offered by the Racingline kit.

As with all Racingline’s upgrades, the quality and attention to detail on the DSG Paddle Replacements is instantly apparent, with one example being the +/- symbols delicately cut out of the top of each blade, plus the laser-etched Racingline logo on the bottom of each blade and the choice of Piano Black or Titanium-Sliver finishes. These are relatively small details, granted, but they all add up and help make the product the best realised (not to mention the best looking) on the market.

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Racingline understands that there’s little worse than purchasing a stunning product like this, only to find that the physical installation process is at best less than straightforward, at worst, downright frustrating! This explains why fitting the DSG paddle kit is such a simple process: with long-nosed pliers, simply pull out the pin from underneath the standard paddle – and the paddle comes away. Position your new Racingline DSG Paddle into place, slide the pin back in fully, and you’re good to go.

Racingline’s kit is the ultimate solution for any Golf Mk7 owner seeking to radically improve both the physical process of changing gear, and the overall look of their car’s interior.

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