ECS Tuning MKIV Rear Wheel Centering Plates

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You slammed your MKIV, and dropping the chassis has rolled the tires so far forward in the wheel wells they look like they’re hiding. What to do?

Aggressively lowering a MKIV Golf or Jetta has grown in popularity and sophistication in recent years, but a common problem remains the odd, off-center look that occurs when the vehicle is lowered more than 1.75 inches. As the rear axle rotates upward into the lowered chassis, the wheels also travel forward, taking them out of center with the fender arches. But now ECS Tuning has a solution.

ECS has engineered a simple but effective cure for off-center wheels: Wheel Centering Plates. These solid plates feature offset mounting holes and bolt between the rear axle and the chassis to coax the axle back just far enough to offset the effects of lowering. The results are impressive and create a more pleasing show-quality appearance when the vehicle is lowered.

ecs centering plates ECS Tuning MKIV Rear Wheel Centering Plates

Made of 6061 aluminum with a corrosion-resistant anodized finish, the ECS centering plates come as a complete installation kit that includes chassis-quality hardened bolts and washers. The plates are precision machined for an exact fit, with countersunk bolt holes for flush mounting. They are able to be installed with common hand tools; ECS’s informative online video will guide you step by step through the installation process.

Easy to install, our Wheel Centering Plates come as a complete installation kit, with hardened bolts and washers; Wheel Centering Plates are available only from ECS Tuning, a company that continues to address common vehicle problems with Extremely Creative Solutions. Find more information here: ECS Tuning

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