coldairintakeecs 550x356 ECS XAS System

ECS XAS System

The concept of the cold-air intake is nothing new for the aftermarket tuner. Consider the internal combustion engine as a simple air pump; air is drawn in through the intake, burned with fuel and then pumped out through the exhaust. By simply reducing the restriction of air drawn into of the pump will increase the pumps overall efficiency, producing more power.

The ECS XAS System’s do just that and more. By completely replacing the restrictive OE air box and intake snorkel with a mandrel bent 70mm (approx 3″) diameter aluminum pipe finished in either a bright hand polish, black, white, red, Sparkle Blue, yellow or silver paint. Routed down into an open area within the front bumper where cool outside air is drawn in through a serviceable cone filter. External air drawn from outside is on average 30-60°F cooler than air within the engine bay.

Increased air density and reduced temperatures are accurately measured by the car’s computer through the use of a highly sensitive air mass sensors. The computer can then add more fuel to achieve the proper air/fuel mixture, resulting in a bigger, more powerful burn creating additional power.

Available for the MKIV Golf/Jetta 1.8T, 2.0, VR6 and R32

More information available at ECS Tuning

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