Eibach Anti Roll Kit 550x356 Eibach Launches New VW Scirocco Handling Upgrades

Eibach Launches New VW Scirocco Handling Upgrades

Respected global suspension manufacturer Eibach has released two new chassis upgrades for VW’s popular Scirocco platform. In addition to the range already available for the car, Eibach is releasing a limited-edition set of lower ‘Sportline’ springs and hollow anti-roll bars to improve handling while reducing unspring mass.

The new Sportline kit offers a significantly more aggressive drop than the existing Pro-Kit set-up. Even on overtly sporting models like the ‘R’, these springs will create a 25mm front and 20mm rear drop from the factory ride-height. On ‘standard’ Sciroccos, this is increased to around 35mm at the front and 30mm at the rear, due to these cars having a higher ride height to being with.

Sublime handling is all very well, but not if it’s at the expense of ride comfort. Here, Eibach’s exclusive access to VW’s factory chassis data prior to launch results in an almost factory-quality ride that perfectly matches the original dampers. This is achieved by Eibach’s progressive spring windings that effectively produce two spring characteristics in the one spring. Soft for straight line ambling and precise for spirited cornering. As the official supplier to VW’s Accessory Programme in both Germany and the UK, the two firms enjoy a genuine two-way flow of information.

Eibach Sportline Kit Eibach Launches New VW Scirocco Handling Upgrades

The new hollow Anti-Roll Bar kit provides the final finishing touch to a sublime chassis set-up. Being tubular in design, the Eibach bars offer a 45% weight reduction over an equivalent solid bar, despite offering greater torsional stiffness than the OEM part. The kit works beautifully with the factory suspension set-up, or can be combined with the Sportline Kit to create the ultimate handling and looks package. By allowing the VW to stay flatter in the turns during fast changes in direction and decreasing the load difference between the inner and outer wheels in the turns, the Eibach kit improves cornering speed, extends tyre life and allows the truly discerning owner to tailor the car to their own driving style. Perfect for those Sciroccos that will venture out onto track!

Consisting of both front and rear hollow bars, the Eibach VW Scirocco Anti-Roll Kit is manufactured from cold-formed, high-strength aircraft-grade steel for precision performance, before being finished with a long-lasting red powder-coat finish The front bar is 2-way adjustable 26mm diameter design with the rear being a 2-way adjustable 23mm bar. The kit also includes high-durability urethane bushes and a tube of specially-formulated grease for installation.

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