Eibach Hollow Anti Roll Bar 2 550x356 Eibach Tubular Anti–Roll Bar Kits

Eibach Tubular Anti–Roll Bar Kits

Eibach Hollow Anti Roll Bar 2 Eibach Tubular Anti–Roll Bar Kits
Respected suspension manufacturer Eibach has long led the market in terms of product innovation and quality, but its latest development is something truly unique. Hollow, tubular anti-roll bar kits.

Originally developed for its many motorsport clients, where optimum weight balanced with incredible durability are par for the course, Eibach have now transferred this knowledge and experience into their road-car programme creating a series of kits for popular applications. Better still, moving forward, all future kits will be made by this method wherever possible. As well as reducing unsprung weight on the car by over 40% from the traditional method, Eibach can still maintain efficiency in operation and achieve measurable improvements in handling.

When developing the technology, material quality and bending techniques were both critical. To avoid issues such as surface imperfections reducing fatigue life or the bending process kinking or collapsing the tube when being formed, Eibach had to completely start the design and manufacturing process from scratch. In some OEM applications of this technology Eibach has been able to create tubes with a wall thickness of just 1.4mm that surpass all manufacturer fatigue tests and weigh over 40% less than their solid counterparts.

Initial applications include;
– VW Golf 5 and 6 including 4 motion and Eos
– VW Passat Saloon/Estate CC
– VW Touran, Tiguan
– VW Scirocco

This range will grow each year as new models are added to the range.

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