Golf VI GTI tour 628x356 Eibach VW Golf VI GTI Project Car

Eibach VW Golf VI GTI Project Car

GTI – these three letters have stood for the compact sports car for 35 years. Now the sixth generation of the Golf is on the market, and the sporty car is still extremely appealing to its fans. Undoubtedly this is mainly because right from the very first generation the car from Wolfsburg has shown driving performance which wouldn’t have looked out of place on some of the sports cars from each respective era. Even though the horsepower has risen to 210 from the original 110: in 2011 there is still reason enough for the Eibach suspension experts to select a current GTI – the three magical letters stand for Gran Turismo Injection – as its new project car and to specifically upgrade several parts of it.

In this case the magic formula is B12 Sportline. Behind this is a complete suspension system, newly-developed by Eibach and Bilstein, which lowers the car’s centre of gravity by up to 50 millimetres.

The B12 Sportline suits the sporty demands of the VW Golf VI GTI perfectly and should therefore be an interesting option for its numerous fans. This is because the practically “tangible” result of the cooperation between Eibach Springs and the mono-tube / upside-down gas pressure technology of Bilstein is excellent Performance2 on the road.

The high quality suspension springs of Eibach and the Bilstein high-performance shock-absorbers form an extremely harmonic system and provide dynamic handling, which further underlines the agile character of the Golf GTI.

Golf VI GTI rear side 628x424 Eibach VW Golf VI GTI Project Car

Excellent handling, precise response and a sporty look are a matter of course with the B12 Sportline.

Furthermore the project car has some more appealing components, which are reflected above all in the look and sound of the compact sports car: for example the GTI comes in on cool wheels from the traditional German manufacturer Borbet. The black, flange-polished CW2 light metal alloys in their modern cross-spoke design suit the Golf GTI excellently. For its latest project car Eibach is using the 8.5×19 inch CW2.

The effective matt-grey car body film causes just as much of a sensation: at the Tuning World Bodensee (a show in Germany), where the GTI was presented to the public for the first time live, the experts at Nachtigall Foliendesign covered the Golf completely with a special matt-grey film from Foliatec®.com.

And to ensure that an extensively tuned project car of this kind – particularly when it has the name GTI – also makes a cool impression when leaving, it has been equipped with a high-volume exhaust system from Remus. The Duplex rear mufflers with an exhaust on both the left and right are also real eye-catchers thanks to their 98 millimetre diameter.

Overall Eibach has once again managed to create a harmonic and perfectly tuned project car in every way – which is precisely what the Gran Turismo Injection deserves on its 35th birthday.

Golf VI GTI front 2 628x406 Eibach VW Golf VI GTI Project Car

Specifications and RRP

B12 Sportline Suspension System

For everyone who wants their daily workout.
Are you looking for excellent driving dynamics and precise response to the millimeter? Is a sport-performance style important to you? And does it go without saying that you are expecting more safety from a suspension system? Then you should find out about the B12-Sportline.

  • Professional Cornering System Sport PCSS
  • Direct response, good driving performance and sporty look
  • Lowering up to 50 mm
  • EIBACH Sportline performance sport spring with progressive characteristic
  • Spring and shock absorber road-tested and fine-tuned to complement one other perfectly
  • BILSTEIN gas pressure technology
  • BILSTEIN mono-tube/Upside-Down technology
  • German TÜV certificate
  • Made in Germany

Eibach B12 Sportline
Part number: B12 Sportline E95-85-022-03-22 [front: 45–50mm | rear: 30-35mm] RRP (incl. VAT): € 831

Borbet wheels
CW2, black, flange polished, 5-hole bolt circle, 8.5“ x 19“
RRP (incl. VAT): € 250 / wheel

Remus exhaust system
DUPLEX sports mufflers with a 98 mm diameter Street Race exhaust on both the left and right
Part number: 95 60 08 15 98C
RRP (incl. VAT): 613 €

Foliatec films
Complete film in matt grey from Foliatec, fitted by Nachtigall Foliendesign
RRP (incl. VAT): On request

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