Custom Color Match Side Markers

esesidemarkers Custom Color Match Side Markers
German cars today are painted with PPG Paints an industry OE (Original Equipment). Most other U.S. car manufactures have 3 major paint suppliers and with these 3 suppliers they are allowed a 5% tolerance of plus or minus in the paint formulas. So, the first problem is when the east coast may be getting 5% greener on a blue metallic standard then the west coast may be getting 5% shade violet on the same blue metallic standard.

Compare them side by side and they will look completely different. Other reasons include metallic color are now classified in 7 categories. Extra fine, fine, Med., Med. Course, Course and extra course. The metallic in the paint control the valve lightness and darkness of the color. Metallic colors will cause variances in color when applied too. Temperature, paint film thickness, flash time between coats, fluid tip size, speed of spray gun, surface type plastics, metals and humidity will all cause the color to change lighter to darker.

ese colormatched pic1 550x195 Custom Color Match Side Markers

Professionally painted using original PPG paint. By painting these without the use of “spray bombs” or spray cans, you can be assured that these side markers will retain their finish and shine for as long as your OEM paint does. All OEM numbers are also shaven from the side markers to insure a clean look!

Painting off the vehicle is never a perfect process. Though we use the same PPG paint used on your vehicle, a perfect match will not occur every time due to color fade on your vehicle and the like.

ESE tuning now has available Custom Color match side markers for VW Golf MKVI, Jetta/GLI, EOS, etc. Please read the application guide in ESE tuning website. Also you can get a complete range of color match OEM parts for your car.

Though the side markers do allow light to shine through at night, it is not a feature of the side marker. Providing the closest match paint is priority, and does not always allow large amounts of light to shine through.

This product usually Ships in 3 to 5 Business Days

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pinit fg en rect gray 20 Custom Color Match Side Markers

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