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Euro Magic aero for the Mk2 Golf

Rotiform presented the Euro Magic aero kit for the VW Golf Mk2. This kit wad designed by Hideo Hirooka, owner at Euro Magic Japan. Rotiform have 20 kits in production now. The full price of the kit will be $680 + shipping and Rotiform expect to ship the kits in March. The kit is available exclusively through Rotiform Wheels here:

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Built in collaboration with Rotiform Wheels, this Mk2 Golf from thepictures is the second in existence to run the brand-new Euro Magic aero. There’s no denying this aero looks seriously cool featuring rivet-on overfenders and a retro ‘duckbill’ front splitter. The one-piece front overfenders increase the Golf’s width by 35mm.

SiGray.UltimateDubs2014 2827 628x392 Euro Magic aero for the Mk2 Golf

The wheels are the super-wide 9×15 Rotiform USF. Suspension wise, a Slam Manual Combo Kit from Airlift has been fitted giving a 5in drop with double bellow bags (front) and progressive rate sleeve-style springs (rear) for a super-smooth ride quality. The Air Lift Performance Manual Combo Kit includes everything you need for a professional installation of an air suspension kit, including a front kit, rear kit and manual paddle valve control system with analog gauges.

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What makes this build even more impressive is the timescale in which it came to life… a little over seven days to be exact, and that includes buying and sourcing the car! It’s not all exterior work, either. A set of custom-trimmed Cobra bucket seats freshen up the 80s interior along with a half cage in the back.

Pictures by SI Gray @ Ultimate Dubs.

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