jolf tuning golf 1 Exklusiv Jolf from Germany

Exklusiv Jolf from Germany

This VW Golf belongs to Chris and he is from Germany. Chris has made a great Job transforming his VW Golf into a very respectable tuning project. The exterior is very clean and the new Bora front end fits perfectly on the car.

The bodywork has a great job. Everything was stripped and rebuilt; every piece of the bodywork was smoothed and cleaned. The bumpers were shaved from rubstrips and blinkers. The doors have now the Audi A6 handholds without lock and the Golf V mirrors was also a great addition. The blue colour was also a good choice, the car was previously black. You can see all the work done on Chris’ web site:

jolf tuning golf 4 Exklusiv Jolf from Germany

tuning golf jetta

The chassis was lowered by a set of KW v2 coilover suspension. Chris has also changed the sway bars. The wheels were also a great choice. The 8.5” und 9” x17” RH ZW1 wheels were polished and the screws were changed with gold plated ones. The tires are in 205/40 ZR17 and 215/40 ZR17 for the front and rear.

jolf tuning golf 3 Exklusiv Jolf from Germany

blue Golf 4

Under the wood there is only the 1.8 liter 125 hp engine. But when Chris shows the engine, we can see lots of work. He painted the engine and gearbox and changed many parts for chromed or gold plated.

I like also very much what Chris has done to the interior. The Recaro leather interior but specially the Alcantara that covers all of the dashboard and doors is awesome. Some other parts were changed by VW OEM parts like the Golf IV Jubi coverings and roof liner, the Audi TT pedals, W8 illumination, R32 vents, etc.

jolf tuning golf 2 Exklusiv Jolf from Germany

Jolf Tuning Bolf

Here are all the specs from the car and also take a very close look at all the pictures. More pictures were added also to the VW Golf IV picture gallery.

Engine and Engine bay
1.8 liter 125 hp engine
K&N 57i air intake filter
Air intake manifold painted
Golf 3 servo basin
Golf 1 Cabrio wiper basin
Coolant basin removed
Cable loop extended
Dispensable holder removed
SPAL blower
Painted engine and gearbox
Many chromed and gold plated parts

Chassis and wheels
KW coilover suspension V2
KW stab set
Adapter discs 40/35mm p.S.
Harder strut bearing
8.5” und 9” x17” RH ZW1 wheels (polished with gold plated screws)
205/40 ZR17 and 215/40 ZR17

Raid Silberpfeil steering wheel
Recaro leather interior
Golf 4 Jubi coverings and roof liner
Sport Edition tachometer rings
Audi TT pedals and footrest
Alarm system, air condition, central locking, immobilizer, seat heater
W8 ambience illumination in black
R32 air jet
Seat heater for the back seats
Dashboard in Alcantara
Door covering in Alcantara
Glove box without handhold

Bora front end
Cleaned front bumper
Cleaned rear bumper
Smaller license control cavity
Bad look over the license control
Rear wiper removed
Golf 5 exterior mirror
Aerial hole removed
Roof ledge removed
Fender without side indicators
Seitenleisten entfernt
Audi A6 handholds without lock
Fixing holes for the old handholds removed
beaded fenders front guard without symbol
Xenon Look headlights
Celis backlights
much chromed and gold plated

Car Hifi
Playstation 2
7″ TFT in the central console
5 x 5.8″ TFT´s in the headrests
Voltage transformer
Clarion Headunit
Kove 10″ woofer
Micro Precision Series 7 tweeter
Exact M18W woofer/tweeter
Genesis Profile Two Amp
Genesis Profile Four Amp
US Amps X4000 Amp
Gel battery Northstar NSB90
GFK – trunk construction

pinit fg en rect gray 20 Exklusiv Jolf from Germany

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