foliatec carwrapping 550x356 FOLIATEC presents its new CARWRAPPING FILM line

FOLIATEC presents its new CARWRAPPING FILM line

Damaged paintwork doesn’t just look bad, it also leads to the build-up of rust. By the same token, tastes also change and therefore it is perhaps not surprising that after a few years you may find you no longer like the colour of your car or that you have quite simply tired of the shade. With the new film line, CARWRAPPING FILM from FOLIATEC®.com, help is at hand – the films are available in three different designs and in 21 different shades. Now every vehicle has the potential to look great and turn heads according to the customer’s own taste! All films are car wash resistant and weather proof, offer at least a five year lifespan and can be removed without leaving behind any residue.

Let your car or motorbike shine with CARWRAPPING FILM Basic. Available in nine trendy glossy colours such as the rich blue colour blue glossy. It goes without saying that specific individual parts of the vehicle can be wrapped or various colours can be combined. Irrespective of whether you choose to wrap the entire vehicle or only part of it, adhesive film is a considerably cheaper option than having your vehicle repainted.

A matt finish gets heads turning – an effect which can be achieved with CARWRAPPING FILM Matt. The Matt finish comes in nine colours: whether it’s elegant black or contemporary orange – all films are guaranteed to accentuate the car’s sporty shape. And thanks to its individual design you can be sure your car or motorbike will stop traffic.

The CARWRAPPING Film Exclusive is another showstopper. Allow your car to sparkle with the shine effect – in a metallic shimmer, pearlised or fashionable flip-flop look. Those who are in the know when it comes to these distinctive effects will be aware of just how expensive special finishes of this kind can be. Thanks to the Exclusive line, you can still grab all the attention without making a hole in your wallet. There are a total of five vibrant colours to choose from – no wish is left unfulfilled.

CARWRAPPING films are suitable for all types of vehicle. Films protect the original paintwork against stone chipping and scratches and are petrol resistant. All films are suitable for complete vehicle coverage or for specific individual parts, and can be easily combined.

Films are available with a width of 152cm. In the FOLIATEC®.com online shop, an entry in the “quantity” box corresponds to the desired running meter film length. Thanks to the new online distribution structure, the customer profits twofold when deciding to purchase a CARWRAPPING film: by going to s/he can now order a fitting directly with a professional. All the customer has to do is provide information regarding product application and the desired fitting location. FOLIATEC®.com will then provide a list of partners in the surrounding area from which the prospective customer can select up to three companies. The great advantage here is that an assessment tool allows the customer to see how fast the partner normally responds and can then make his/her choice accordingly.

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