Forge Hose Coupler Groupshot 550x356 Forge Alloy Bayonet Style Hose Coupler

Forge Alloy Bayonet Style Hose Coupler

The current trend of fitting induction, turbo and coolant hoses with quick-release ‘bayonet’ style fixings may make life on the production line easy, but it does rather limit your choice of replacements should you wish to replace or upgrade the factory parts at a later date. Thankfully, Gloucestershire-based Forge Motorsport has stepped in to remedy the problem with an extensive range of precision-machined adapters to allow standard style rubber or silicon hoses to be fitted.

Fabricated here in the UK by Forge’s motorsport division, the adapters faithfully recreate the mating surfaces of the original parts and utilize the factory ‘O’ rings and seals to ensure a perfect fit. A lipped flange then provides a perfect sealing surface for the new hose to be clamped onto with a stainless steel clip. Ideally suited to VW Group applications, these couplers will also fit a great many other manufacturers as well.

As well as allowing tuners to fit all manner of higher-performance hose alternatives, the Forge couplers also help garages and specialists by allowing then to fit a wider range of aftermarket parts. These couplers will also be essential in the specialist, kit and race car industries where the need to mate a standard component to a non-standard one is very common.

Forge Hose Coupler Selection Forge Alloy Bayonet Style Hose Coupler

Eight different sizes are available in all, covering many common cars.

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