Forge UK Brunch Club Meet 14 628x356 Forge Brunch Club Meet Strikes Gold Again!

Forge Brunch Club Meet Strikes Gold Again!

The second ever Forge Brunch Club had it all: stunning weather, bacon rolls, superb coffee…and the small matter of some of the UK’s best modified motors all in one place!

What’s better than the start of a long bank holiday weekend? A long bank holiday weekend kicked-started by the second Forge Brunch Club, a show that’s rapidly garnered a reputation for being one of the best regular automotive gatherings on the UK’s already packed show calendar. Still very much a fledgling meeting and one still finding its feet, The Forge Brunch Club nevertheless saw an impressive selection of modified metal descend upon the premises of the eponymous fabrication firm, with some truly wild creations sharing space with more conventionally tweaked motors.

Forge UK Brunch Club Meet 3 Forge Brunch Club Meet Strikes Gold Again!

One of the Forge Brunch Club’s undoubted strengths is its incredibly friendly, laid back vibe, a vibe that’s both unforced and infectious. There’s none of the obsessive micro-managing and internal politicking that blights so many comparably sized meets, just a well laid out and impeccably planned gathering of like mind people with amazing vehicles. Indeed, one of the most enjoyable aspects of the Brunch Club was simply standing at the entrance of Forge’s premises and watching cars make their way into the event, an activity which only served to highlight the sheer variety of machinery present on the day.

Forge UK Brunch Club Meet 12 Forge Brunch Club Meet Strikes Gold Again!

The fact that the British weather opted to play ball undoubtedly helped the show and contributed to its unique vibe, the late spring sunshine enough to convince even the most stubborn of car fans to abandon the notion of a lie in in favour of some automotive lechery! Those that did make the trip were greeted by the smell of sizzling bacon and truly excellent coffee, and it wasn’t all that long before the compact Forge car pack was full to bursting.

Forge UK Brunch Club Meet 2 Forge Brunch Club Meet Strikes Gold Again!

There really was something for everyone, with a sump-botheringly low Golf Mk3 sharing space with a fully paid up BMW E21 race car, and everything in between. We were awestruck by the incredible ‘Japuar,’ a re-worked E-type lookalike powered by a rip snorting 2JZ, while the air-shod Porsche 997 laying frame mere meters away managed to draw more than its fair share of admiring glances and comments, most of them accompanied by the now customary poking of the gap between tyre and arch – or lack of it!

Forge UK Brunch Club Meet 6 Forge Brunch Club Meet Strikes Gold Again!

The Huxley Motorsport RA28 Celica rounded off a sensational day of automotive ogling by treating the remaining visitors to some well executed donuts, the bark of its expertly fettled SR20DET bouncing off the walls and bringing the curtain down on proceedings in an entirely appropriate fashion.

It’s worth noting once again that the Forge Brunch Club is still very much finding its feet, but with a number of follow of meets already scheduled for later in the year and with last Saturday’s running sending positive vibes throughout the UK car scene, we’ve no doubt that it will continue to grow both in terms of size and stature.

Follow the link below to be taken to the Forge Brunch Club Facebook page – keep your eyes peeled for details of the next gathering, and we’ll see you there bright and early! facebook

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