Forge Golf Mk7 Intercooler 628x356 Forge Motorsport Golf GTI Mk7 Intercooler

Forge Motorsport Golf GTI Mk7 Intercooler

Forge Motorsport has added to its extensive VW Group portfolio by releasing a hugely effective front-mount intercooler upgrade for all Mk7 Golf GTi models. The unit offers independently-proven cooling capacity over the stock part – with commensurately impressive power and torque gains.

This latest design has been created specifically for models fitted with the EA888 2.0 TSI engine. Volkswagen changed just about everything from the Mk6 to the Mk7 chassis, so this core had to be designed from scratch in order to fit in with the redesigned radiator and condenser.

The new radiator core fits in the stock location and requires no modification to the radiator pack assembly. Cooling is radically improved; a fact proven by Forge’s own test car being able to achieve an additional 16bhp more than stock without any other modifications, while also demonstrating a consistent 25-30 ° C (77-88 ° F) temperature drop over stock on the dyno. All runs were performed on the same day with only a 2 °C variation in ambient temperature over the runs (in favour of the stock core!)

During these tests, the stock core typically increased in temperature by 5 °C on each subsequent run, with heat soak becoming a real issue after only three runs. This meant the stock ECU was pulling timing and boost after only one run! Typically, anything over 40 ° C inlet temperature will cause the ECU to change ignition timing to suit – and the stock core peaked at 60 °C on its first run, whereas the Forge core was able to get temperatures back under control after each run so that by the end of four back to back runs, the core temperature had only risen by 4 °C.

All of this data was achieved on a stock car. (It should be noted that although Volkswagen claim 220bhp for this new engine, Forge seen examples range from 230 to 240bhp completely stock, on the same rolling road). At the time of release, there are no software solutions (other than tuning boxes) available to really test the car or the intercooler, but Forge are confident that the core will continue to deliver a much lower intake charge temperature than stock across all states of tune, as it is based on the company’s award winning Mk5/Mk6 intercooler which has been fitted with great success on everything from road and track cars, to full blown race and drag cars.

The core comes in a satin black light powder coated finish, and includes all mounting hardware necessary for installation.

The Forge VW Golf Mk7 GTi Intercooler kit contains everything needed for a relatively simple and straightforward fit, including all clips, nuts and bolts. It’s a superb way to improve your performance and protect your GTI’s engine at the same time.

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