Forge Golf GTI 6 Intake On Car 628x356 Forge Motorsport Intake System For Golf GTi Mk6 2.0

Forge Motorsport Intake System For Golf GTi Mk6 2.0

Kings of the VW scene, Forge Motorsport, have done it again. This time it’s a stunning quality intake take for the perennial tuners favourite; the Mk6 Golf GTi. It’s business as usual on the quality front, with Forge raiding its competition department to create a kit that fits and works perfectly, offering proven power gains and a noticeable improvement in the induction soundtrack.

Designed from the outset to be as light as possible, the kit replaces the entire factory induction tract with mandrel bent aluminium intake piping in 70mm diameter. This size was chosen after extensive testing found it to be the perfect balance between optimum airflow and perfect MAF function. Powder coated in smart OEM-esque black, a BTCC-proven Pipercross high-flow cylindrical filter ensures that plenty of finely filter air is fired down to the engine’s inlet. Nestled in its own tailored heatshield enclosure, the filter sits in cold air to maximise power. All couplings are race-quality, European sourced silicone hoses, topped off with stainless steel clamps to ensure a long and attractive life underbonnet.

Forge Golf GTI 6 Intake 628x423 Forge Motorsport Intake System For Golf GTi Mk6 2.0

During development the kit was extensively tested, netting a genuine gain of between 3 and 5 bhp on the various test vehicles. However, on cars equipped with software, this was seen to rise to anywhere between 13 and 15bhp, providing irrefutable proof of its abilities over the factory item. Torque gains were also noted to rise by a commensurate amount. Gains and results on individual cars will naturally vary and may depend on the contamination and condition of the OEM filter, of course.

Available only in a smart black hue, with black hoses, this kit makes a great first modification on any tuned GTI, and will work perfectly with existing or future exhaust upgrades.

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