Forge R32 Gearknob 628x356 Forge Motorsport ‘R32’ Aluminium Sports Gear Knob

Forge Motorsport ‘R32’ Aluminium Sports Gear Knob

The alloy artisans at Forge have been busy programming their CNC panels one more – this time to create a bespoke gearknob for all owners of the iconic R32 Golf.

Individually machined here in the UK, these new knobs are created from a single, solid billet of aerospace grade alloy and weigh in at a substantial 350g, which assists in creating a much smoother shift action.

Thanks to a significant 60mm diameter, it’s also scores ergonomically as well as aesthetically. On that subject, each gearknob comes complete with a neatly engraved R32 logo on top, for the ultimate ‘OEM+’ upgrade.

Available in either a polished alloy or anodised black, the Forge R32 gearknob follows the current Volkswagen Group design language, making it look perfect in either show, track or cherished standard cars.

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pinit fg en rect gray 20 Forge Motorsport ‘R32’ Aluminium Sports Gear Knob

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