FMOC2 628x356 Forge Motorsport VW 1.6TDi and 2.0TDi Oil Cooler Take Off Plate

Forge Motorsport VW 1.6TDi and 2.0TDi Oil Cooler Take-Off Plate

The Gloucester based engineering-meisters at Forge Motorsport have solved yet another common VW Group engine issue with a perfectly engineered kit. The company’s new oil cooler take off plate for a wide variety of VAG cars should increase the longevity of many hard-worked 1.6TDi and 2.0TDi motors.

Unless some previous VW Group lumps, the oil filter housing on modern VAG engines does not allow for the previously common take-off plates to fit under the filter and divert oil into an oil cooler mounted elsewhere on the vehicle. Instead, they now use an oil to water cooling ‘block’ bolted to the front of the engine, and in many cases an undersize filter, or a paper drop-in element, which prevents easy fitting of an oil cooler. As many people have found, if the vehicle is tuned, or if it is towing a heavy load, oil temperatures can rocket, with oil temperatures over 120°C (250°F) being easily achieved – which is close to the point that engine oil starts to break down.

The Forge Motorsport FMOC2 kit replaces the oil to water cooling block, and although it still allows coolant to circulate, it more importantly gives two M22 take-offs which, when fitted with the appropriate adapter, allow fitment of oil cooler lines between -on6 and -on10 in size (not supplied) which can then be attached to an external oil cooler. Oil temperatures are stabilised, and engines can be worked harder for longer.

Priced at a sensible £98.22 + VAT, it’s a superb value future-proofing modification for any of these models.

This plate replaces the VAG OEM Part No. 03L 117 021 C. It fits ALL of the 2.0TDi and 1.6 TDi engines in the vehicles listed below.

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