Forge Baffled VAG Sump 628x356 Forge Motorsport VW 1.8T Baffled Sump

Forge Motorsport VW 1.8T Baffled Sump

Forge Motorsport has created another much-needed product for those looking to extract the very best from the ubiquitous VW 1.8T, whilst ensuring engine longevity – a precision-fabricated baffled sump.

The much loved 1.8T engine has proved itself as being not only being very capable in producing high power figures but in being very reliable at the same time. The key to this reliability is the lubrication system, which can quickly become overwhelmed when cars are driven quickly – or on track – causing oil starvation. Under extreme acceleration, braking or cornering, the oil can momentarily run out of the sump under centrifugal force, causing a temporary starvation through the oil-ways, putting critical bearings and bores at risk of damage.

Forge Baffled Sump Detail 628x377 Forge Motorsport VW 1.8T Baffled Sump

For those with bottomless pockets, a ‘dry sump’ system is the ideal preventative solution. But for those in the real world, Forge’s neatly engineered solution, based around a brand new OE-spec sump pan is the perfect alternative. Carefully configured baffles and Viton oil control valves ensure that the lubricant can easily move around the engine, but retains a minimum sump capacity, even under the most severe of ‘g’ forces. The relatively soft Viton plates react far quicker than equivalent metal flaps – which are often used on lesser alternatives – and have been designed to withstand the rigours of the high temperatures of oil and its contaminants.

The Forge 1.8T Baffled Sump (FMBSMP18T) is a truly effective upgrade. An essential item for any race, track or tuned car.

Forge Viton valve Shot 628x417 Forge Motorsport VW 1.8T Baffled Sump

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