Forge PCV Delete Full Kit 628x356 Forge Motorsport VW Group TFSI PCV Delete Kit

Forge Motorsport VW Group TFSI PCV Delete Kit

As one of the most respected engineering firms in the tuning world, Forge’s experience with VW Group platforms is unparalleled. The company’s latest design to improve the lot of tuned TFSI engines is typical of their craft. Beautifully engineered, efficient in its operation – and great value!

The stock PCV (or positive crankcase ventilation) system on the TFSI engine is quite fragile and over time, or when running lots of boost, the diaphragm inside can rip. This can result in excessive blow-by entering the inlet manifold at idle (smoking from the tailpipe) or a loss of boost when driving, which can cause other problems.

A common solution to this is to fit a catch can to catch oil vapours – which Forge also offer of course, but for those not wishing to go down that route, Forge’s solution allows you to delete the PCV system altogether and divert the breathing to the rear cam cover outlet only.

Simply described, it removes the PCV and links the two internal ports together which emulates what happens inside the stock PCV when the engine is on boost, but without any fragile components to break or split. Nothing detrimental happens to the engine by doing this, but it completely isolates the inlet manifold from the cam cover.

Forge PCV Delete 628x393 Forge Motorsport VW Group TFSI PCV Delete Kit

The Forge kit also blanks off the port on the end of the inlet manifold that used to go to the PCV, and replaces it with the firm’s FMBGFK2 boost gauge fitting kit. This comes complete with 3 vacuum hose take-offs and blanking screws, allowing tuners to either run a boost gauge, water spray controller or whatever suits, or indeed, blank them off altogether!

The kit comes complete will all parts necessary for installation and a full set of instructions.

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