Forge Carbon Box Side 628x356 Forge Universal Carbon Airbox

Forge Universal Carbon Airbox

This smart, compact airbox from Forge motorsport ticks a lot of boxes for those looking to improve the performance and sound of their car’s intake system, without falling foul of the dreaded ‘heat soak’ problem that can affect open induction set-ups.

Many enthusiasts like to add a performance intake to their car. Not only do you get a great improvement in sound, but if mounted in the right place, a larger filter can increase airflow into the intake. All too often though, filters will end up drawing in warm under-bonnet air circulating around the engine bay, so while they more flow more than a standard panel filter, the air inducted is much less dense – and therefore less combustible.

For ages now, the accepted compromise has been an enclosed intake system. A large, open filter enclosed in an airtight enclosure which can be fed via ducting from an optimised cold air source at the front of the car. Forge’s universal solution to this is presented to the company’s usual over-engineered standard. A lightweight, yet tough carbon-fibre shell houses a large, high-flowing competition spec cotton gauze filter. High-quality bolt-on 76mm stainless steel flanges can be plumbed either into flexible hosing, or if preferred, into any of Forge’s own range of race-quality universal rubber hoses.

Forge Carbon Box Stand 491x600 Forge Universal Carbon Airbox

This filter can be made to fit any tuner, kit or race car and will give many years and miles of faithful service. Not only can the outer shell be removed to allow for the filter inside to be cleaned, but also, replacement elements are also available for those that like to keep their filter ‘box fresh’.

Priced at £68.50 + VAT, this is a very cost effective solution for many tuners and kit car builders.

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