Forge Universal Intercooler 628x356 Forge Universal Intercooler Range

Forge Universal Intercooler Range

Gloucestershire based Forge Motorsport has released details of its hand-finished range of universal intercoolers. This extensive selection of craftsman-built alloy components offers a vast choice of styles, sizes and end-tank designs, making it the perfect resource for any tuners, car-builders or race teams looking to manage heat on any forced-induction car.

Forced induction (compression of inlet air) produces heat. Heat can reduce power thus negating some of the benefits of forced induction in the first place. By incorporating an intercooler between the compressor and the plenum chamber, one can greatly reduce the adverse effects of elevated air inlet temperatures. Forge Motorsport’s range of universal intercoolers feature efficient cores sized to fit many forced induction applications. From there, a wide selection of end-tank configurations offer numerous installation solutions. Using the highest quality cores, hand fabricated and welded by highly skilled craftsmen, each Forge intercooler offer excellent thermal properties, flow characteristics, minimal pressure drop and high volumetric efficiency.

Although Forge already produces a huge amount of bespoke intercooler solutions for almost all core tuning applications, this range provides the ideal answer for vehicles that are not covered by the range or where the vehicle is non-standard. With almost every configuration available ‘off the shelf’, along with all manner of alloy bends and silicon hoses, these components will allow a suitably over-engineered riposte to most engine bay’s requirements.

If this still doesn’t hit the spot, then Forge can of course create anything bespoke to order, using either customer drawings, sketches or descriptions to custom-fabricate any weird or wonderful design. These prices are available upon request.

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