goodridge 628x356 Goodridge Performance releases VW Golf GTI Mk2 16v K Jet Fuel Line Kit

Goodridge Performance releases VW Golf GTI Mk2 16v K-Jet Fuel Line Kit

As the world’s leading expert in fluid-transfer technology, Goodridge has an enviable record in supplying the industry’s greatest supercar manufacturers and race teams. That said, the long established British firm is also always looking to develop parts for more attainable tuner cars, as well as classics needing a little upgrade or enhancement. The latest release from the British firm is for the much-loved Mk 2 Golf GTI 16v – and it replaces the troublesome factory fuel lines that feed the K-Jet unit on these cars.

Over time, these lines get brittle and crack. As the original parts are no longer available from VW, the only previous solution has been to take a chance on a decent second hand set from a breakers – or to have a set custom fabricated by a specialist – with often unpredictable quality outcomes. Thankfully, Goodridge has now produced a hand-finished set of motorsport quality lines that fit like the OEM originals, but have been designed to last forever!

These lines are made from the same materials, and to the same quality, as demanded by Goodridge’s blue chip clients. Winning names like Nissan’s WEC team, Ford’s factory M-Sport division and Aston Martin’s GT3 team all rely on Goodridge to deliver victory under the rigours of motorsport, so it’s fair to say that these K-Jet lines will be able to handle anything thrown at them in the line of duty.

An essential for any tuned version of the Mk2 GTi, or indeed, any restored or race version too. Goodridge can offer the hoses in a variety of colours if need be too; anything from racing red – to classic black. As a great way of future-proofing a cherished classic – or just keeping the scrutineers happy – these lines are an essential 16v upgrade.

pinit fg en rect gray 20 Goodridge Performance releases VW Golf GTI Mk2 16v K Jet Fuel Line Kit

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