golf 628x356 Hauling A Super Bowl Party In A VW Golf

Hauling A Super Bowl Party In A VW Golf

Few things stir up the passions of VW fans more than a sporty station wagon and playoff football. To celebrate the Super Bowl and the debut of Volkswagen’s 2015 Golf Wagon, took some time to calculate how many chicken wings the new Golf Wagon can hold. The answer? A lot – over 22,000 wings with the rear seats laid flat. They also calculated how many Oreos, regulation pro footballs, 12-packs of beer, and more the Golf Wagon can hold. You can see the results in this graphic.

“I can’t tell you how many times someone’s asked me how many chicken wings the new 2015 Golf Wagon can haul,” says Rocco Demas, manager of “We made this graphic just so we didn’t have to keep answering that question.”

The calculations are based on the following assumptions:

  • The front seats were never included in the calculations, as it’s assumed anyone driving a Golf Wagon full of hot wings (or whatever) will want some company.
  • In most cases, the calculations don’t address the weight of the cargo, just the volume. You can fit 22,000 wings in a new Golf Wagon, but it might be too much weight to drive around safely.
  • With the exception of the calculation for 12-packs of beer, packaging is not included. The wings, Oreos, etc. must all be hauled “loose.”

“The Super Bowl is about excess,” says Jason Lancaster, President of Spork Marketing, the company that developed the graphic. “What better way to celebrate this event than to talk about stuffing a VW wagon full of hot wings, beer, stacks of cash, etc?”

To see how many chicken wings and other Super Bowl essentials can fit into the new Golf Wagon, click here.

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